Fuji Apple
  • Dense Flesh- Sweet and Crisp

  • Cross between Red Delicious
    and  Virginia Ralls Genet apples

  • Typically Large- Very Large

  • Stays Fresh for up to 1 year!
Ginger Gold Apple
  • Mild Flavor with a tart finish

  • Large and Conical Shaped

  • Cream Color flesh, resists browning very well

  • Great for eating out of hand and baking
Granny Smith Apple
  • Introduced to the U.S In 1972

  • Hard Light Green Skin

  • Very tart crisp flesh

  • In parts of Canada it's called Green Delicious
Red Delicious
  • Can grow large to medium in size

  • Thick Red Skin

  • Mild Sweet Flesh
Golden Delicious
  • Large with Yellow Skin

  • Soft Sweet Flesh, not as crispy as Fuji

  • Prone to Bruising, and shrivelling

  • Great For- Salads, Apple Butter, and
    Apple Sauce
Gravenstein Apple
  • Flesh is Sweet and tart

  • Does not keep well, Best when in season

  • Picked in July and August

  • Cooking Apple, Best as Apple Pie, and

  • Native to Denmark
Jonagold Apple
  • Large size

  • Sweet and tart Flavor, Juicy and Aromatic

  • Cross between a Gold Delicious and
    Jonathan Apple

  • Fluffily Crisp Flesh
Rome Apple
  • Rounded, Medium sized

  • Very Glossy with a thick skin

  • Cooking Apple, develops flavor while

  • Holds Shape

  • Firm Flesh, sweet when baked
Pink Lady
  • Medium to Large Size

  • Crisp and Super Sweet Flesh

  • Thin Skin

  • Great Just Eating Apple
  • Thin Skin firm to the touch

  • Bursts with Flavor when bit into

  • Medium to Large in Size

  • Available July-October