About Us
Justy Papst the owner/Operator of Justy's
Produce and Flowers, is the 4rth generation of
farmers in his family. His son, Justin Papst, will
be the 5th generation. Justy didn't always farm
his piece of land, his Great-Grandfather Oscar
Sporri started the business up.
Oscar Sporri and family came form Switzerland
in 1910. He bought the land, cleared it, and
then started to farm. He sold his  produce at
the  Farmer's Market in Portland.
Justy took over the  farm when his grandfather,
another Oscar had a stroke. Justy says," I
came in on 1987, Thanksgiving Day, I started  
cleaning up the farm... It was in need of major
repair." At first the  business wasn't the  main
source of income for the Papst family. It was
just a sideline while they were restoring it. Now
it has become their major source of income.
When Justy first started out, he only had  two
sawhorses and a piece of plywood. Now He's got
a 2,500 sq. Foot store where he sells many
products, including, raspberries, beans,
cucumbers, zucchini. Tomatoes, peppers, garlic,
Walla Walla sweet onions, apples, other misc.
Groceries  products and his very own flowers.
Justy's Produce and Flowers is  one of 5 farms
in the Milwaukie/Clackamas area.  Justy's is the
only one solely run by family members alone. 3
of the other farms have either sold  the whole
property or portions of it. Justy's land is all his.
CURRENTLY, Justy's Produce and Flowers is  
running fast, and busy
About Our Business