About Us
The farm has been in the
family for four generations.
In 1910, Oscar Sporri came
with his family from
Switzerland. He bought the
land on which the farm and
store now stand, cleared it,
and started to farm.
Originally, he sold his
produce, sausage, and wine
at the Farmer's Market in

In 1987, Oscar's
great-grandson Justy Papst
started repairing and
cleaning up the farm. At
first, the business wasn't
the main source of income
for the Papst family; it was
just a sideline while they
were restoring it.

When the Papst family first
started out, they only had
two sawhorses and a piece
of plywood. Now they
operate a 2,500 sq. ft. store
where they sells many
products, including all major
varieties of fruits and
vegetables, other
miscellaneous grocery
products, and their own

Currently, Justy's Produce
and Flowers is open from
June through October and
is here ready to serve the
community for your produce
and flower needs. Justy runs
the business with his
mother Marie, his wife
Marilee, and their two
children Justin and Marielle.
About Our Business